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About Us

Citizens in rural areas generally have less access to healthcare than their urban counterparts. Fewer medical practitioners, mental health programs, and healthcare facilities in these areas often mean less preventative care and longer response times in emergencies. Blount Rural Health Center is centrally located in the heart of Todd County, KY, and our staff are here to serve our community and ensure our citizens

can access top notch medical care.


Our Story

In 1999 I met with three missionaries from Elkton, KY.  These visionaries were Brother Ken Woods, Mrs. Ida Moreno and Susan Hightower ARNP. These three thoughtful people had the inspiration to establish a health clinic for the poor and for the migrant workers in Todd County, KY.  We met at a local restaurant in Clarksville, TN and began to develop this dream. Helping Hands Health Clinic was born and has since done so much for Todd, Logan and Muhlenberg Counties.

At this moment there are 48,000,000 Americans without any health insurance.  Through our studies of the demographics of the area we know that there are 26,000 people in Todd, Logan and Muhlenberg Counties who meet the criteria for care at Helping Hands Clinic. I give thanks that God has not forgotten His beloved poor and through His hands this clinic has come into being and continues to be a presence to the poor in this area.  I want to give thanks at this time to a very generous, loving God and to those who have committed to do His work here at Helping Hands Clinic. A special thank you goes to all the clinic staff and the board members who have made Helping Hands a reality. Thanks also goes to all those of Todd, Logan and Muhlenberg County who continue to pray for the clinic and to support us in so many special ways. I offer a very sincere thank you for all that has occurred to make a dream of 1999 a very vibrant and wonderful reality.

Meet The Medical Team

Meet the Dental Team

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